Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woodie's World Famous Chicken Piccata, a homework assignment!

High School English has taken a different turn from the days I went to school. I think my kids may think of those days as the Dark Ages, with no remote control, no cell phone and no caller id! Pen pals, you actually wrote to someone with a pen, not your fingers :) So of course late Thursday night I get the news, the homework assignment is to cook a recipe, nothing like a cookie or a cake, a real recipe with real food. and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation or a video. What? No term paper? No research? NO WRITING???? So my daughter brought home her partner in crime on Friday afternoon all ready to cook. Her plan was to make Woodie's World Famous Chicken Piccata. and to make it more special they'd use the last of the little Meyer Lemons I just scored at Trader Joe's earlier in the week! Goodbye lemon custard cakes. Hello Chicken Piccata!

They did a great job, if you don't count fixing their hair in between the video shots. and stopping to text at least 200 of their closest friends. It was so crazy, I had no time to get any pictures, but the end. You can see nothing left, except dishes! Guess who got to do those?

So what ever happened to 25 page term papers?

Woodie's World Famous Chicken Piccata
posted by Woodie many times at the Cooking Forum and our favorite dish ever :)
I cheat and buy the thin sliced chicken cutlets!

4 chicken breast halves, boned and skinned
salt and pepper
flour (enough for coating)
3 tablespoons butter
juice of 1 lemon
1-1/2 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup white wine

Put a piece of waxed paper on the counter and place chicken on top. Use a meat pounder, the side of a saucer, the unsharpened side of a heavy knife or other object to pound the breast into a thin piece that’s uniformly thick (about an inch). Salt and pepper the chicken generously, then coat with flour. Melt butter in a large skillet and brown chicken on both sides.

Remove chicken from skillet. Add lemon juice, chicken broth and wine. Boil down until it’s about one-half cup. Place chicken back in skillet, cover and cook 3 minutes. Remove cover and serve.


  1. Carol, I love the photos. They are so real, not staged.

    You're a wonderful mom to give up your last Meyer lemon to Jodie and her friend.

    I think the homework assignment sounds very interesting and practical, BUT hopefully they were given more than one day's notice. What if Jodie had had prior commitments that evening?

    Now I now where your name "Dishesdone" came from.

    I've never made chicken piccata. Woodie's sounds like winner.

  2. OK, Carol, that just cracked me up... I was looking forward to the finished product... well not AFTER it was finished! I know how good Woodie's piccata is and that's why it was gone so quickly. I am confused how this relates to English? Yeah, I'm from the dark ages too!

  3. Great post, dishes..
    I love chicken piccata, so easy and so it with shrimp too, oops, you can't have that, sorry!

    Let us know what grade she gets!

  4. Great post Carol! And your dishes don't exactly look like they are done. lolol I need to try the famous chicken piccata for sure. Actually I kind of like the idea of eating instead of writing term papers. Can you imagine what it was like to watch all of those videos. Maybe the teacher just needed some new recipes?

  5. Boy, that Woodie must be a great cook that Jodie chose his/her recipe!

    I also don't know how this relates to English, can you enlighten us?

  6. I used to have the kids in my class write directions for something.
    They had to pretend the person they were giving directions to knew nothing, like Schultz,,,:)

    You have to be very precise.

    Ex. if the directions were for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they had to remember to say, open the bread and take 2 slices of bread , put it on the plate, open the jars, etc.

    So it is a very good exercise in thought process and writing directions...

    But these were 10 yr olds...and we had a lot of fun with it!

  7. I can totally understand the Power Point presentation since it's such a widely used business tool today. There's writing involved too - just not handwriting. So cool she has a mom so willing to help with the assignment (and dishes) :))

    Great recipe!

  8. What a great Mom!!! I loved the part of making sure their hair was lookin good!!
    I know I have one recipe for picatta, I'll have to compare the two..
    Yes, do let us know what grade she gets!!

  9. This looks good. I may make it tomorrow.

  10. Love the story leading up to the pictures! Picatta is one of my good.

  11. LOL, Cynthia, as long as it wasn't earmarked for a lemon drop martini, it was all theirs :P

    Kathleen, I remember the kids doing that in their 4th grade class, the how to make a sandwich, a lot of fun!

    Susan, I had no choice, the other mom was only capable of reheating frozen chicken nuggets :)

    yes, Annie, Woodie's recipe is her favorite! She likes Famous Woodie's other recipes, too, like Creme Brulee French Toast!

    Arlene, let us know how you like it!

    Barb, I'll keep you posted! Not due until Monday.

    Suzy, has to be better than marking all those papers!

    hi, Marigene! Piccata is a great go to dish here! Definitely a fave! I've seen yours, too, so good!

    Jayne, I wish I had a shot of the finished plate. They garnished with lemon and parsley. I may be able to get it from the video.

    It was very cute! They each wore a white apron, they had fun with it. and I didn't have to order in dinner :)

  12. yes, Kathleen, I can have shrimp piccata with a huge side of Benadryl :)

  13. Oh, I see I am late for dinner! It's all gone :-( Carol, I am a big fan of chicken piccata. I could eat lemon 7 nights a week.

  14. Sounds like we'll be seeing DD and her friend as future Food Network stars!

  15. Debbie, same here, lemons all the time!

    Marsha, I bet the only part about being a Food Network Star they'd like is hair and makeup :) LOL, they did have fun though!

  16. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  17. Carol, this is an all time favorite of ours too, so I'm making this tonight!


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