Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday! Mushroom Soup Edition.

Friday again already! The week went by pretty quickly. Mostly rainy and cold here the past few days, at least cool for June. So I'm once again joining Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet for a Flashback Friday. Check out Suzy's blog to see the other bloggers who are flashing back to a really great recipe, flowers or whatever they feel like flashing back to, you can go look or sign up and join in on the flashbacks!

This time I'm flashing back to Susan of Savoring Time in the Kitchen, her fantastic Mushroom Soup. Originally posted on the Garden recipes Forum, it's been a hit in our house ever since! A simple but really delicious recipe. Perfectly simple and elegant for guests and perfect for the family on a cold, rainy day.

The notes are from Susan. She also suggests reading the reviews for this recipe at epicurious, you can get some very good ideas. I made the Parmesan Croutons, more like crostini, slices of baguette and floated them on the soup. The notes are Susan's, but I also used an immersion blender and this time I used cremini mushrooms. Use whatever mushrooms you like.

Mushroom Soup

originally posted SusanQ @ GB's (One comment suggests making parmesan croutons which I used and were a wonderful addition)

Makes 4 servings.
By Anthony Bourdain with Jose de Meirelles and Philippe Lajaunie Bloomsbury
Printable recipe

6 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, thinly sliced
12 ounces button mushrooms
4 cups light chicken stock or broth
1 sprig of flat parsley
Salt and pepper
2 ounces high-quality sherry (don't use the cheap grocery-store variety; it's salty and unappetizing and will ruin your soup)

Medium saucepan
Wooden spoon
Blender (I used an immersion blender)

In the medium saucepan, melt 2 tablespoons of the butter over medium heat and add the onion. Cook until the onion is soft and translucent, then add the mushrooms and the remaining butter. Let the mixture sweat for about 8 minutes, taking care that the onion doesn't take on any brown color. Stir in the chicken stock and the parsley and bring to a boil. Immediately reduce the heat and simmer for about an hour.

After an hour, remove the parsley and discard. Let the soup cool for a few minutes, then transfer to the blender and carefully blend at high speed until smooth. Do I have to remind you to do this in stages, with the blender's lid firmly held down, and with the weight of your body keeping that thing from flying off and allowing boiling hot mushroom purée to erupt all over your kitchen?
When blended, return the mix to the pot, season with salt and pepper, and bring up to a simmer again. Add the sherry, mix well, and serve immediately.

To astound your guests with a Wild Mushroom Soup, simply replace some of those button mushrooms with a few dried cèpes or morels, which have been soaked until soft, drained, and squeezed. Not too many; the dried mushrooms will have a much stronger taste, and you don't want to overwhelm the soup. Pan sear, on high heat, a single small, pretty, fresh chanterelle or morel for each portion, and then slice into a cute fan and float on top in each bowl.


  1. Mushroom soup is one of my favorite soups and this one sounds nice and simple and tasty!

  2. Homemade mushroom soup is the best!! Your recipe looks like a really good one.

  3. I love these flashbacks to remind of the these great recipes we keep meaning to try - great photo!

  4. This would be the perfect recipe to try my new immersion blender! I spent the last of my Christmas money (except for $20)from my parents on an Amazon order which included one. I love mushrooms so what's not to like about this recipe! Great flashback Carol. Thanks for joining me!

  5. Carol, I remember Susan posting this recipe but don't remember your picture or post. So no Flashback for me. :) But I'm glad that you re-posted the recipe. John loves mushroom soup (even when it's not very good).

  6. That is a such great recipe, isn't it? I wish I could taken credit for it. Your croutons looks amazing!

    TGIF, Susan

  7. Nice soup and photo. It's amazing how difficult it is to get good photos of your food - a real art in itself. I liked this soup and really am looking forward to blogging about French Onion soup from the same book. Couple of suggestions if you do make it : it benefits from a little cream , set aside some mushrooms before blending and add them (roughly chopped) back in at the end. Also go easy on the sherry I've found better results possible by adding a little less sherry so that it doesn't dominate the taste [but maybe because it's not top of the line stuff].

  8. MarkLesHalles, great ideas, I've added them to the notes!

    Thanks, Susan, it's such a great soup, and I can just see that original post when you first made it. The red bowls :)

    Cynthia, I think it was on my other blog, the one that's now Lost in Cyberspace! I'm just flashing back to the ones I loved, whether I blogged it or not!

    Marsha, yes, they bring them back to the top of the list again!

    Suzy, you're going to love that blender. DO NOT LIFT IT UP WHILE WHIZZING, ask me how I know that?

    Thanks, Kevin, Terry & Dennis, we love mushrooms soups, too!

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  10. That soup sounds good. It is simple and looks like a healthy addition to any meal. I enjoy grilling.If you want to take a look at the collection of tips and recipes I have for grilling you can visit

  11. I so remember when Susan posted this..when using different mushrooms change the overall taste much?
    Looks good - especially on a dreary, rainy day like today!

  12. You mean wine from the grocery store isn't gourmet? :)
    I learned never to use anything you wouldn't drink..
    Looks good, Carol..and I see a WHITE bowl!


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