Tuesday, September 1, 2009

White Bread for Dessert?

White Bread Blintzes? Sounds interesting. Somewhat? They are. Really!

During the summer I work in a day camp as a baking counselor, kind of funny since I'm not exactly great at baking, I prefer cooking. Could be the lack of focus on my part, no patience to be exact and I have this little problem of being distracted and things burn. The smoke alarm is my friend. Anyway, for one of the projects this summer we made mock blintzes with the groups.

It was a big hit, the kids had fun making them and loved eating them. We made them even better by microwaving a container of vanilla frosting until it was melted and poured the goo all over the blintzes! Over the top good! So I decided my kids would love them and I made a batch for dessert tonight. I forgot all about the frosting. Next time!

I served them on a very pretty dish, my friend Cynthia had surprised us this summer with a "just because" gift! A fused glass Peggy Karr plate with Morning Glories. Thank you Cynthia, I love it! and it makes this dessert that much sweeter :)

To make mock blintzes, start out with some slices of white bread, even light white is fine, and roll it really flat. If you're a perfectionist you can cut off the crusts. I'm not picky but it does look nicer crustless. but I am lazy, so guess what? I left the crusts on!

Once you get them really flat spread a thin layer of cream cheese, could be fat free, low fat, whipped, whatever! Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Roll them up tightly and dip in melted butter and then more cinnamon sugar.

Fry them up in a skillet with some butter (you can also bake them in the oven at 350 degrees F until they brown, but pan frying them gets them good and gooey on top! In camp we also tried filling it with apple butter. Awesome! Raspberry jam. Apricot jam, possibilities galore.

Mock Cheese Blintzes

Printable Recipe

1 loaf white bread (not the ends!)
8 oz. cream cheese (you can use any kind you like, low fat, whipped, whatever!)
2 sticks butter or margarine, melted
Cinnamon and sugar mixture (1 1/2 cups of sugar mixed with 3-4 tablespoons ground cinnamon)

Remove crusts from the bread. Flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Spread cream cheese on the flattened bread in a thin layer, sprinkle a little cinnamon-sugar on top and roll up. Dip the rolls into melted butter and then into more cinnamon-sugar. Pan fry in a skillet with butter until golden brown, or bake in the oven at about 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes, until lightly browned. Serve warm.


  1. You do such fun things with the kids at camp, Carol! These do sound amazingly good - kind of like filled French toast.

  2. What a quick idea! Looks like the kids aren't the only ones learning new things at camp!

  3. I remember when you first mentioned the blintzes from camp. What a great idea! ... I'm sure the kids (and their parents) are thrilled with all of their camp cooking adventures.

    Carol, the blintzes look fabulous ... glad you were able to put the morning glories PK to some use.

  4. These look good! I remember learning to make some kind of dessert with white bread and chocolate pudding, all rolled up. I don't think they were cooked, however, I don't remember what exactly we did with them. It was more than a few years ago :)


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