Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marsha's Chocolate Anything Event!

Ok, so when I need a chocolate fix, I revert back to my favorite childhood snack. An ice cold glass of milk with some cookies. Fixes everything! So I'm joining Marsha from Marsha's Kitchen with her celebration of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Because I sometimes skim when I read, I saw it as Anything Chocolate Day and I've had a long couple weeks and I could use anything chocolate :) Let alone covered in chocolate! So I cheated. A little. It's chocolate. I'll be back on the weekend to actually make something covered in chocolate, but I wouldn't want to miss Marsha's party! She throws a good one, go look.  Marsha's post and all the others who are joining the party. Sign up at Marsha's and bring some chocolate!

So for me and chocolate milk, it has to be Fox's U-bet! Hershey's in a pinch. Never Ovaltine. U-Bet makes the best Egg Cream, too! but that would need a pretzel rod so I went with milk and my second favorite cookie, Little Schoolboys from LU. Petit Ecolier.




                        found on the internet... SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT CHOCOLATE MAKES ONE WEAK!


  1. I hate to admit this, but I've never heard of Fox's U-bet. (I'm kind of out of the chocolate milk mode.) I certainly will look for it now! We always used Hershey's. I do love those cookies though. We are definitely on the same wave length there!

  2. Fox's must be an east coast brand I have never heard of it either but I know it must be good with your recommendation. Those cookies are some of our fav's as well I have to buy his and her boxes, milk chocolate hazelnut for me and dark chocolate for J.

    Thank you so much for joining in on my chocolate party - your photos and post are fantastic!

  3. whats a foxU bet and I have to agree ovaltine is quite nice

  4. I LOVE LU cookies! This chocolate party is fun.

  5. I must live in a cave - I've never heard of the LU cookies or the Fox's U Bet..but I can ONLY imagine why you love it so much!! ;)
    Looks yummy -

  6. Those are probably my all-time favorite, store-bought cookies! They have to be the dark chocolate ones thought ;) I've never seen Fox's U Bet before. I'll have to see if my store carries it!

  7. "Seven days without chocolate makes Sol weak, and 'witchy.'"

    Carol, I hadn't heard of half the goodies you blogged about, but it's chocolate, and that's all I need to know.

    Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!
    Jeezus H, that's a long title.

  8. Hey Skimmer! LOL!!
    I love those cookies, and I know U bet, haven't had it in ages...and it all goes so well with low fat milk..
    Your pics are terrific!

  9. Carol, the Petit Ecolier are so tasty AND cute. They are definitely among my favorite 2-3 store-bought cookies. I've never heard of Fox's U-Bet and I've never had an egg cream. You certainly make me want one!

    I'm very impressed with your pictures ... especially the one where you're pouring the chocolate and taking the pic. :)

  10. Carol, leave it to you to not follow directions! ;-) No U-bet here either. I'll com visit you for an egg cream!

  11. I was just re-reading your post and noticed that last line - LOL!


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