Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashback Friday: Zucchini Carpaccio

Joining my friend Suzy from Kitchen Bouquet for another Flashback Friday. Check out Suzy's blog and the others who are flashing back to good recipes, pretty flowers and just about about anything else!

A while back a few friends were supposed to go to the city to a restaurant called Fig and Olive. That didn't happen and I've wanted to go ever since. But they did originally post a recipe or two on their site, so I made their Zucchini Carpaccio. And it was good. very good! And one of these days I'll finally get to try this place. But in the meantime...

Zucchini Carpaccio
Source: Fig and Olive, NYC
Printable Recipe
serves 4

1 pound zucchini
4 tablespoons pine nuts
6 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (flakes, shaved)
3 tablespoons lemon juice (I used Meyer, used any kind of lemon!)
9 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil(fruity, not peppery!)

Cut the zucchini with a mandoline or carefully with a knife, slice into penny-thin rounds, with the skin left on.

In a bowl combine the olive oil and the lemon juice.

Evenly spread the zucchini slices across a 9-inch plate. Cover the plates with Saran wrap and put in the refrigerator.

Toast the pine nuts for a few minutes in a pan to slightly brown them and develop their flavor.

Right before serving, take the plates out of the refrigerator, drizzle the zucchini with the lemon and oil dressing, season with a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. Spread 1 1/2 tablespoons of shaved parmesan cheese and about a tablespoon of toasted pine nuts on each plate.

Note: It makes a nice presentation on the separate plates, but I've also served it piled into a bowl for the family! Try to just "toast" the pine nuts, not burn them. Or just throw away the really burned ones, I started with way more than 4 tablespoons, I can tell you that :)


  1. I've saving this one for when my zucchini crop this summer! I'll try not to burn the pine nuts :) Speaking of which, Sam's Club stopped carrying them here. Woe is me!

  2. Carol, what a pretty presentation ... and a good-looking plate. Yes, there's a fine line between roasted and burnt with pine nuts. I know firsthand.

    Interesting menu and concept at FIG & OLIVE ... It looks like a nice place to have lunch. :)

  3. Looks pretty!
    Just throw away the really burned ones, LOL..see I read!

  4. Looks so refreshing- would have never thought of using zuchini like that!
    YOU burning pine nuts..just can't imagine!!

  5. Looks the just throw away the burned ones! They are easy to burn, come to think of it...

  6. Carol "Restaurant Week" begins Jan 25 and Fig & Olive are offering $35 prixe fixe dinners! Call for reservations now :-)

    This looks so pretty and would be a perfect summer salad!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Very pretty presentation! I'm the only one in the house that eats zucchini so I don't dare plant any, but this would be a nice way to use up one zucchini from the farmer's market or my veggie box. Thanks for joining me in the flashback!

  8. Lovely presentation and the gorgeous plate. Did I tell you how many times I burned my pine nuts? It was an expensive lesson.

    I love my zucchini steamed but this is worth a try.

    Have a nice weekend Carol.

  9. What a beautiful looking plate of zukes! I am saving this one as well, hopefully this summer Hershey will outgrow pulling all the plants from the garden.

    Those blue/white dishes were made for highlighting the beautiful greens in the zuchinni!

  10. Ingredients remind me of the moonie's grated version ... which I was never crazy about. I like the idea of slicing thin better. Prettier too!

    You mentioned Fig & Olive a year ago ... maybe it was the missed trip. Anyway, when I was looking at their menu I noticed the link to their online store and bought a couple olive oils. Loved the Albequina olive oil, but they don't sell it anymore. I found it again at California Olive Ranch.

  11. Mmmm, that sounds good and looks pretty! I remember when you were supposed to go to that restaurant.


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