Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mosaic Monday: A few of my favorite kitchen things...

I have a thing for cookbooks. I love them. I read them like novels. and while I don't use a recipe from every single one, I learn things from them like what goes nice with what. Makes me a much better improviser when I'm cooking. So I collect them. Lots of them. and I collect gadgets for the kitchen. Lots of them. Silicone, Wood, Stainless steel, measuring spoons, cups, lemon squeezers, you name it, it's in the drawer! or in colorful flower pots on the counter, or on a shelf! They're everywhere!

I used to work in a nursery school and during the holidays and the end of the year, a lot of gift cards would come my way. I always ended up buying a fun kitchen gadget online! My kids get me gadgets for birthdays and occasions!

These are a few of my favorite kitchen things...

Nonstick Paring Knives and Serrated Nonstick Paring Knives
Silicone Spoons
Citrus Press


A Granny Fork
A Mini Masher
Measuring Spoons
Small Wooden Salad Servers
Big Spoons for dishing out nice sized portions!


and last but not least, my absolute favorite thing, the one thing that saves me in the kitchen...MY POTHOLDERS! These are my favorite, they've been through a lot with me! You can see they get a very good workout! and so does the smoke alarm!

Joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday! Check out Mary's blog and see all the Mosaic's this week!


  1. I don't think I have ever owned that many cookbooks!!

    I love all those cool little gadgets the potholders, they look a little..hmmm BURNED!!!

    LMAO - There is a reason you are known as "Burning Betty" !!

  2. I love cookbooks too! I see you have some of my favorites; Mario, Everyday Pasta, I like William Sonoma's regional s, like Portuguese. etc, etc.

  3. Hmm, I didn't know I had a twin sister.

    Carol, I have all of the above items, except for the citrus press. I'm rebellious that way.

    But I do have a pair of suicidal potholders, similar to yours.
    They were a gift from Ann T. in a swap, many years ago.
    I still love them to this day, and it shows.

    Oh, and I have to comment on those cool mosaics!
    Who knew kitchen gadgets could look so artsy.

  4. Love cook books, favourite sections in bookshops. My hubby is always teasing me becuase I always have my nose buried in a cook book :) If its not a cook books its always a magazine related to cooking like goodfood , racheal ray , good housekeeping etc. Love your gadgets

  5. What a collection of cookbooks!
    I think your favourite, trusty potholders could tell a few stories. :-)

  6. What a collection of cookbooks. All the kitchen gadgets are neat too. Cool mosaics.

  7. What a great collection. My eye was drawn most back to those colorful utensils. ~Jeanne

  8. I think you need a potholder intervention.

  9. Don't you just love having the right tool for everything?? :0)

  10. I know what you mean about reading cookbooks like a novel - I love to do that too!

    I love your beautiful and colorful selection of tools - your mosaics showcase them beautifully!

    You are a brave woman showing your potholders :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by. What a colorful collection of utensils. I also have a citrus press like yours...haven't used it yet though!!

  12. This just HAS to be mosaic Monday! Love your photos! And yeah, my hot pads look a lot like yours!

    (I see we both adore cookbooks!)

  13. Time for a bigger cookbook stand! Wow, that's a lot of silicone spatulas too. I love those beautiful measuring spoons! I've never seen such pretty ones. Are they silver?

  14. So much great color! Love the great looking food you cook up with these goodies!! That sandwich below looks fabulous...

  15. Ah, I was wondering what you would do..a mosaic of a mosaic of a mosaic??
    Loved this, very colorful tools!

    Blowtorch Betty, you still have that potholder?? LOL

  16. Love the colors of the gadgets. I have tons of kitchen gadgets and I can't resist buying them. My kids think it is a disease I have and I hate to sit down and count them all because I might just commit myself to the nut house. Luckily I have a beach house so I can buy twice as much. I get totally nuts when I look for a kitchen gizmo/gadget only to realize it is in the other house..all the more reason why I now buy two at once. I wish they made the XOXO in fun colors. I like my spatulas like yours to look like crayons on my counter. I guess there can be worse addictions besides gadgets and of course chocolate to swoon over!

  17. Impressive! I confess I own many cookbooks (though not nearly as many as you do) but I've never READ one like a novel and haven't even consulted some of them ... ever. LOL I love your 'gadget' mosaics and the way you framed them too. Thanks for dropping by Sacred Ruminations earlier today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Carol love the kitchen gadget mosaics! This has to be one of my very favorites!

  19. Do you remember the days when they send booklets of free cookbooks in the mail? I have them. You have quite a collection of gadgets and cookbooks.

    I love the colorful paring knives.

    I have a favorite gadget, its the egg separator, cause I love to make flan.

    Sorry for this late visit. Back to work in the morning.

  20. Another fun post from you, Carol ... I love it. I'm especially fond of the first mosaic ... great colors and I like how have the knives splay out. I've had potholders that looked like yours. With a gas stove, mine often end up in a direct flame. I get rid of the evidence as soon as possible. The last couple of times, John has rescued a them to use on his grill. Recently we bought several large leather/suede ones. LOVE them, they're black and don't show the burns.

  21. As you can see I'm catching up --I love how you framed these photos Carol!

    You have such a wonderful cook book collection I have a mix of old and new ones but I can't part with any of them as I love them too.

    Aren't the silicone products wonderful?


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