Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday: More Panini and another screw up!

I was joining Suzy from Kitchen Bouquet for another Flashback Friday, where you get to rerun your favorites from the past! Only I had a small glitch. Still flashing back, but I lost my pictures.

Flashing back to last week when we got a new panini maker! We've been making all different kinds of sandwiches and today we found a multi-grain bread that seemed perfect for panini's!  Flatout Artisan Foldit's Flatbread! We got the 5 grain flax bread. It made an excellent panini! Roast beef, with cheddar, fried onions and Tabasco chipotle sauce. I had some good pictures but got a little pre-occupied and hit delete because I thought I had already saved it to the computer. I was wrong. Lost them all. Too bad, you'd have wanted one if you had seen it :) Hopefully I'll get my act together, it's been a long week on this blog!
Check out more flashbacks over at Kitchen Bouquet! On Fridays Suzy digs into her photo archives to blog about something from the past. Maybe you have some oldies but goodies you want to share too. Grab the logo and link back to Suzy when you have time to do a Flashback Friday post.


  1. YOU ?? Screw Up??? Don't think I have seen those words in the same sentence about least not for a month or so!! LMAO

    Seriously, the sandwich sounds great! I'm sure we will see some of your panini masterpieces in future posts..look forward to them. I hav one of those Jr. Griddlers for paninis, so give me some ideas!!

  2. This flashback works for me! I know there will be many more panini pics to come :-) Can't wait to see what you throw together. Thanks for joining me!

  3. Carol, you're loving your new toy! Sorry about the pics.

  4. Carol, you have the most original posts ... really. AND they're always fun to read. I love that you blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter which one, I thoroughly enjoy them. No photos, such is life. :)

  5. So make it again, and take a pic!


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