Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: Salmon!

My friend Marsha, from Marsha's Kitchen made Grilled Salmon with Lime Butter the other day. I had already made it once before and we loved it, absolutely loved, but I added the jalapeno's, Marsha didn't. But I wouldn't call her a wuss or anything. Not me :) So anyway, I'm reading her post, early this morning, and boy, it is looking really good! Especially on her pretty plate next to the grilled vegetables!  and I get to thinking, and I get to craving. I have to have this again! Today was a beach day so the fish guy by the beach has really fresh, really great salmon. So we spent the day at the beach and stopped off at the fish guy!  I got a tan, the Griller and the kids get a really good dinner. Everyone's happy!

Thanks, Marsha, your salmon looked so good when I saw it, I had to have it again! When I made the recipe the first time, I added fresh jalapeno's and chopped shallots. Tonight I made it with jalapeno, a roasted poblano and shallots!

To roast the poblano pepper, just put it under the broiler, and roast it until the pepper is charred! Then put it in a brown paper bag and roll the top closed! The pepper will steam inside the bag and the skin will peel off easily!  Throw it into a food processor with a shallot, a garlic clove, 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice and some of the lime zest. Salt and pepper and 1/2 of a jalapeno. Whiz it up in the food processor! You can freeze any leftovers for another use.

 Charred and peeled!

  Garlic, Lime and Jalapeno-Poblano Butter

Joining Suzy from Kitchen Bouquet for another Flashback Friday! Click here to see more Flashbacks with Suzy!

The Flashback fish...

Here's the Flashback links...

The original recipe is here @!

and this is how it looked tonight...

and with the leftover lime butter, we grilled some calamari for me and my shellfish allergy, and some scallops for everyone else!

Dinner was so good, I even had a few of the grilled asparagus. used to really dislike asparagus. The kids love them. So I decided to set an example and just try something I normally wouldn't touch. and I surprised myself, and really liked them. But only the really thin ones. I may even have them again one of these days!


  1. What a great flashback and follow up to Marsha's post and your original post. I love the sound of the lime and have to try this! My biggest requirement for salmon is that the outside be really seared and crispy and the inside soft and pink but not rare. Call me Madame Picky ;)

  2. Definitely a great flashback. I've got fresh alaskan salmon my parents brought me and this may be the first recipe I try. YUM! Thanks for playing along this week.

  3. yumm, looks delish. Love those grilled calamari's too. Have a nice week end

  4. I love salmon and this looks excellent! Love that butter and thanks for sharing!

  5. Salmon is one of our favorite meals, and this looks wonderful Carol! With thanks to Marsha :-)

  6. Who you calling a WUSS? I just followed the directions in the original epicurious recipe :)

    Yours looks wonderful once again!

  7. It looks good. But like you with shrimp, a no no here!

  8. It looks fantastic - but everytime you HEAT things up I think of your poor mother or was it your grandmother that likes dishes a little tamer!! (I'm with them)


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