Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Magically delicious!

My good friend, Kathleen, from Cuisine Kathleen, is hosting her most awesome and fabulous St Patrick's Day party to date. Check her blog, her tables and her celebration and sign up with her Mr. Linky to show us all your St. Patrick's Day festivities! I started off with breakfast, it's magically delicious! Bubbles are always festive, so some Blarney Bubbles and a Lucky Charms Pez added to the celebration so far! The Corned Beef is cooking, and the party has started. Check out Kathleen and all the blog celebration links over at Cuisine Kathleen's St. Patrick's Day celebration and join in the fun!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Frosted Lucky Charms,
They're magically delicious!
Pink hearts, orange stars,
Yellow moons, green clovers,
Blue diamonds and purple horseshoes!
Frosted Lucky Charms,
They're magically delicious!

Back later, the celebration continues with dinner...


  1. Oh, that is adorable! Soooo cute!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Ha! I bought some Lucky Charms today because my 23 year old daughter with discerning taste flies in tomorrow for a few days and still eats kids cereals :0)
    Happy St. Patty's day to you!

  3. What a fun idea for a post...Lucky Charms! and you're right, the elf does look scary...LOL ;- Bo

  4. LOL Your so funny. I realllly really wanted to make some Lucky Charms Treats (like rice Krispy treats) just for Kathleen but I just couldn't wing it! Glad you thre them in :-) Cute cute cute.

  5. The Blarney bubbles are too cute.....Why am I not surprised that you were able to find them?

    The Lucky Charms look very festive in the green bowl. Not sure that I could bring myself to eat them even on St. Patrick's Day.

    That Pez container is a hoot!

  6. LOL, the fierce looking leprechan made an appearance on both of our blogs :-)

    Blarney bubbles and Pez...we know you are the life the any party!

  7. Carol, you are so clever... cute post. Do you really eat Lucky Charms? Yes, you are the like of the party.

  8. You stole my Lucky Charms too !! lol

    The Pez is too cute!! Waiting for the encore...

  9. Hi Carol! Lucky Charms??? You are too funny!

  10. Jayne, I really eat them, but not with milk :) and the marshmallows are eaten separately!

    ah, Marsha and Barb, great minds, LOL!

    Cynthia, I love Lucky Charms and I really love Pez! I have a collection from when my kids were little. Does Addi like them?

    Bo, he does look too fierce! I remember the old one from way back, not so scary looking!

    Suzy, Lucky Charms treats sounds really, really good!

    Ellen, your daughter has good taste :)

    Thank you, Sheila!

    hey, Michelle! Glad you came by!

    Kathleen, it's been a fun day, thanks to you!

  11. And thanks to you! I know how hectic it has been for you,I really appreciate your taking part...
    Your corned beef looks delicious, I'll pass on the Lucky Charms!
    So what's up for April 1st..no fooling?

  12. You are a riot,Carol! I'll pass on the Lucky Charms too but I wouldn't mind some Pez ;)

    Where on earth did you find Blarney Bubbles?? Yours is the first post where I've seen them.

  13. i got to say i'm 25 but i still really love lucky charms. i love the marshmallows... :)


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