Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comfort Food!

Still waiting for spring here, it's been cold and rainy, not to mention windy, so that would mean comfort food for one night. I like roasting the whole turkey for some reason, even though no one in my house will eat the legs, wings or thighs, but turkey breasts were on sale so I gave it a go.

Besides falling over and nothing really stayed in the cavity, it came out great! I usually stuff a whole Turkey with a an orange, throw in some garlic cloves and some shallots, and some butter or margarine in between the skin on the breasts. No basting, just roast at 350 until the thermometer is at temperature. Of course there have been times when dinner has been at 8:30, not so comforting when you're starving. With no legs or wings, this bird cooked pretty quickly. My rack cracked so I couldn't use it, you can see the line where the skin didn't crisp, but otherwise, a perfect Turkey dinner.

Turkey, peas and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Simple Roast Turkey

Roll a navel orange around on the counter to squish it and get it juicy! Poke some holes in it with a fork. Rinse the turkey inside and out. and pat dry. Add herbs, shallots, onions, garlic, whatever you like in the cavity, I throw a tablespoon of butter in there, too. Then stuff the orange in and you can tie the legs closed with butcher string or not. Put your fingers between the skin and the breast and loosen the skin up and squish some butter or margarine in between. Season with salt and pepper. Use a roasting pan with a rack, breast side up, and tent with foil. The orange and the butter will keep the bird moist. You don't have to baste. Take the foil off the last hour or so of roasting. Let it rest for a while before you start slicing. The drippings make really good gravy. There's no taste of orange, it just keeps the meat moist.


  1. It IS cold and windy!!
    Perfect meal for a day like today.
    I love the white meat..forget the rest!
    Loks delicious, Carol!

  2. Turkey looks great. So pretty and brown. Last time I did turkey I tried the bone in breast too and it was just perfect for the two of us plus plenty of leftovers. I do like the like but Randy doesn't and I also like breast so it makes sense. It sure would taste good right now. Sides look good too. I've been out in the yard today and I think dinner will be something quick and easy.

  3. Carol, I was hoping you would be having a sunny weekend.

    The turkey breast roast looks perfectly browned. I've never cooked a breast only ... always whole turkeys. John only eats white meat and I only eat dark, so a whole bird works well for us.

  4. Looking very good! I will roast the bonelss breasts every once in while and then have leftovers most of the week!
    Yours browned beautiful!!

  5. You have my mouth watering with those pictures. You needed some comfort food there! Hope Larry is doing well :)

  6. Looks yummy! I haven't roasted a turkey in years. Usually I only think about it at Thanksgiving and if Mike's home we go to Andy's for a fried bird. Had no idea they sold bone-in breasts. You stuffed it like I do chickies. Great idea!

    Happy Passover!!!

    ... a few days early ... my computer time ends later tonight.

  7. Thanks, Susan, Larry is doing well. He feels great so tonight I am experimenting on him with Greek food from epicurious, LOL!

    Suzy, it's all about the leftovers! Soon you'll be really busy in the garden! Looking forward to seeing it on the Kitchen Bouquet!

    Barb, leftovers are the best part! Turkey with mayo, lettuce and tomato on Rye the next day!

    Thanks for the good wishes, Cindy! See you soon when the computer comes back :) I do lemons in the chickies, they fit better! Never had a fried Turkey. they kind of scare me :)

    Cynthia, we're finally having a gorgeous spring day today! So I'm cooking light tonight. Not even takeout!

    Kathleen, we had a pretty day today, no need for comfort food, I hope you're out shopping!

  8. Oh, Carol, that looks good... I'm almost tempted to try it... but I don't so skin, you know? ;-) do they have skinless turkey breasts?

  9. Thanks, Debbie!

    Jayne, I don't know about skinless, you could always pull it off yourself? Just close your eyes :)

  10. That roast turkey dinner is looking good!


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