Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fried Chicken Cutlets

Since I had an abundance of roasted tomatoes, and I spent the day frying and freezing chicken cutlets, I figured for dinner I'd make something up to use both. So I rummaged through the frig and came up with a bag of fresh baby spinach. Lined a sheet pan with the spinach, drizzled it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and put a fried cutlet on top. Topped that with some shredded mozzarella and then topped it off with yesterday's roasted tomatoes.

On the side was Penne alla Vodka. With whole wheat pasta.  It was a bad idea to serve it with the whole wheat. We like regular pasta better or that smart taste pasta or whatever kind of pasta, the kind that leans more towards regular but says it's healthier for you. Just not straight whole wheat. Kind of gritty, grainy, and tasted it like cardboard. Not that we've ever eaten cardboard. Not that I know of anyway. This was Trader Joe's whole wheat penne, maybe it's just more whole than we are used to, the pizza place has whole wheat we like with a broth sauce and some vegetables, maybe it's less than whole? The vodka sauce came from a jar, that was good. Can't all be from scratch when you're in a rush for dinner! And somehow, we're always in a rush for dinner.

 Chicken cutlets fried with fresh breadcrumbs

 Spinach, chicken, mozzarella, Parmesan and roasted tomatoes ready for the oven

Time for dinner...


  1. I love what you made with those ingredients you had on hand. It looks so delicious, Carol!

  2. Your chicken looks delicious and those tomatoes look great on it. I'm with you on the whole wheat pasta, cardboard for sure!

  3. Another Winner! Love the way you just throw things together and they turn out looking good!
    Supposed you added a little more vodka to the sauce also!

    Never eaten cardboard huh? Just ashes!!! LOL
    (You knew I couldn't let that one go by)

  4. That looks good enough to eat, Carol!

  5. That's a very impressive dish!

    Never tried whole wheat pasta. I'm happy with Barilla's Plus and Whole Grain. Healthy enough for me.

  6. This is an incredible creation! Got to try this with the spinach.

    I love the plain and simple pasta, though sometimes, I use the colored spiral ones.


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