Saturday, July 17, 2010

You are invited to Suzy's Ice Cream Social!

Joining Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet for her now annual Ice Cream Social to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! It's a great time to celebrate ice cream, it's been so hot here in New York!  

First of all, if you plan on making homemade ice cream, make sure you have room in your freezer for the freezer bowl. OK, so that let me out of making fresh ice cream. The freezer is packed. Jam-packed! So I thought of the next best thing, easy as pie, and I could kill two birds with one stone (where did that saying come from? Sorry, Marsha, I know you love birds!) by making Baked Alaska! I could make more room in the freezer by using the ice cream that was already in there, and then I'd have room to freeze the cakes! Just had to go out and get a pound cake for the crust. No big deal. Except I felt like I was melting myself when I left my air conditioned house. Baked Alaska. A favorite dessert from my days at sleep-away camp as a kid. Barb at Foley's Follies did it last year, and Suzy did it this year, and so I figured what could be the worst that happened if I tried to make it?  Burnt Alaska? Almost!

 Not quite Burnt Alaska but getting close! I got to it in time! 

I made some in silicone baking cups and some in mini springform pans!
But then I put them in that packed freezer. That jam-packed freezer! One dropped out and I caught it. Most of it! 

Take my word for it, that one was the best looking one :) Yeah, right!

So I lost one, not too bad, considering!  I used Edie's Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Entenmann's All Butter Pound Cake. You can do it all homemade, homemade pound cake, homemade ice cream, but it seems I had issues the last time I made Pound Cake, for Teacher Appreciation Day, and next year I don't think they'll be calling my house for a baked donation!

In the end the Baked Alaska turned out great. Maybe not so much looking, but great tasting. I think I can get the hang of this. It came out pretty good, and the kids loved it!

Baked Alaska
Source: Amy from camp
Printable Recipe

1 pie tin
1 loaf pound cake
ice cream, chocolate and vanilla, a little softened to spread (or any flavor you like)
4-6 egg whites
1 cup of sugar

Slice the pound cake.

Press it into the pie tin on bottom and around the sides.

Spread ice cream on top of the cake. Spread chocolate on bottom, vanilla on top.


Meringue: Beat the egg whites and sugar with a hand or stand mixer. When the egg whites are stiff, they should form peaks when you lift them with a spoon. Spread on top of the ice cream.

Put into broiler for 45-60 seconds. The top should be brown. You can return to the freezer to serve later if you like.



  1. As I mentioned in Suzy's post, I can't believe I've never made a Baked Alaska! Lucky save on the Burnt Alaska :) The one in your last photo looks perfect! So, were the pups all over the one that fell on the floor? Love the ice cream flavor choice!

  2. Yayyy for baked Alaskas! I think you did great. Your meringue beats the heck out of mine. I don't think my timing was right. I like your pie version. I was scared to death my meringue was going to end up in a puddle and it came close to going that way but I caught it in time. Your freezer sounds like mine. I have to be careful when I open it right about now because cartons of ice cream come spilling out. Thanks for joining me for the Ice Cream Social. I think Larry needs to get you another freezer for the garage so you can use that ice cream maker one day!

  3. Oh WOW, Carol, what a fun post. I'd guess that one of your puppy dogs was more than willing to help with the clean up of the meringue on the floor

    Your Baked Alaska do look delicious, AND Cookie Dough ice cream is one of my favorites.

  4. Looks great, Carol. Almost burnt... that will do.

  5. I enjoyed the fun aspect of your post. Don't we all have days like that. The final picture says it all.

  6. That looks gorgeous! I've never tried it before!! I saw the ice cream social post and loved it!!

  7. So proud of you!!! I think it looks great..even the one on the floor! lol You & Suzy are brave using the broiler - I was chicken that I would leave it in too long so I just used my torch to brown the meringue!

  8. Oh! That looks incredible! I'd love to try this!

  9. Yum, I haven't had baked Alaska in years.

  10. I would love to try this. I am not too great on meringue. This looks yummy enough for me to get out the mixer!

  11. The last one looks great! I have never had it, I am not big on meringue, but I would sure give it a try!
    I made a calzone today that ended up looking like Montauk Mel...but tasty!

  12. Looks great, love the mini spring for pans, beautiful presentation!

  13. The one in the last photo looks absolutely beautiful, as well as delicious. And it doesn't really sound difficult with the directions you provided. I'll have to give it a try! Thank you for sharing and thanks for the smiles. :-)

  14. Yum, I've never made baked Alaska and I think it's time to correct that. Your last photo looks like it came from a fancy pastry shop with its perfectly browned meringue. Nicely done.

  15. Happy ice cream day! Baked Alaska-wow! I think yours turn out pretty darn good. I know that I would enjoy this :-)

  16. Ha! Looks like a day in my kitchen. I want Baked Alaska and this is the second time I've seen one on this social. I have never had the thrill and it does look like a thrill. Thanks for the great printable recipe!

  17. I've never made Baked Alaska. It's on my list to make. Cookies & Cream Ice Cream is my favorite.

  18. Carol, I have been intrigued by Baked Alaska ever since I was a child. I would look through my mom's Betty Crocker cookbook, and always stop at the BA. But I have never made it! Great job, and I would enjoy the extra broiled one!

  19. I'm a baked alaska virgin but these cute mini versions just might make me try them. I laughed at your almost burnt and the poor guy on the floor but then you come out and show the last photos - magazine worthy they are. You did it up great!

    PS - I don't care if you kill two birds as long as they are sparrows ;)

  20. The "almost burnt" Alaska looks delicious to me! Your meringue looks so pretty! I gave up on meringue a long time ago. Your post may encourage me to try it again. Thanks for the recipe, and I'm so glad you included the "burnt" picture and the "on the floor" picture. Makes me feel a lot better about all of those cooking disasters that end up in my kitchen! laurie

  21. Baked Alaska is so looks perfectly brown and delicious

  22. super fab..yummmmy yum recipe..:)
    awesome clicks..!
    thanks for sending this to my event..!
    looking more of your delicious entries..!
    Tasty Appetite
    Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

  23. I think you did an awesome job - and I think the springform is a stroke of genius! Great flashback :-) I am doing my ice cream this weekend since I'll be gone all next week. Planning ahead is not a forte of mine so I'm scrambling lol.


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