Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everything old is new again...

Reruns. Dinner from the freezer. Ancho Beef Chili. Heat it up, add two kinds of beans, red kidney and pinto, and toss together a big salad, becomes a great dinner with no fuss at all. This time no sad, little overcooked corn muffins. I solved that issue with a box from Entenmann's!

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  1. I solved that issue with a box from Entenmann's!

    You're a trip! LOL

    How was the book club last night? Good wine?

  2. Good meeting, they discussed the book for five minutes, then moved on to current events so I was able to join in, LOL! I didn't ruin my streak, I still haven't read the books! She had some nice wines and lots of good nibbles. Next meeting is my house :)

  3. LOL - you're the only one I know that belongs to a book club and doesn't read the books !!

    Nice quick comforting looks great!!

  4. I like reruns. Looks great, Carol. Did you make your own mole again?

    I really glad that you did not have another corn muffin fiasco. Good save! :)

  5. Barb, LOL, it never stopped me from joining in the conversation :)

    No, Cynthia, I made a lot of the mole the first time and froze it! So when I made another pot of chili it was pretty quick to put together and just broke off a chunk of frozen mole.

  6. Looks very good Carol! Great idea to freeze the mole. I've got to try making that!
    You're hosting next time... hope I'm able to send that bottle before then!

  7. Looks good, Carol...We had a lot of mole's in the garden this year...

    Your house..when, I want to be a fly on the wall! :) Tell me the name of the book, I'll read it and do Cliff's notes for you..

  8. Carol, you are a hoot! I think you should submit that beautiful photo of reruns to FG, TS and CG. Really, it is a winner!

  9. Oh yes, please.

    So, Entenmanns sells corn muffins? News to me.

  10. That looks delicious, Carol! I'm never going to be able to think about mole the same way after Kathleen's comment - LOL.

  11. Great minds think alike...we had chili last night, too! LOL about buying the corn muffins...only you could find them, Carol!

  12. Thought the post was going to be about me for a minute "everything OLD, being new again", LOL!

    Great job on making a new meal from the frozen leftover chili!

  13. Kathleen - whaddaya say we meet at Carol's on her bookclub night - its halfway between us?????? I'd like to watch her lead a book review.

  14. You know I Love freezer meals! And your's look delish. It was pizza here tonight! I've never seen precooked corn muffins. Did you ever hear of Jiffy? :-)

  15. Suzy, Jiffy are the ones I screwed up in the first place! I used one box to make 12 by mistake because it only makes 6, then burned them :) I assumed 12. Never assume, LOL!

    Kathleen, and Annie, you're on the invite list :) and I never lead, I am considered background noise! Kathleen the frozen mole looks like something from the garden :)

    LOL, Susan! Kathleen has that way about her, LOL!

    Hi, Debbie, thanks!

    Marigene, do you put beans in the chili?

    LOL, Marsha!

    Every Old is New Again - Hugh Jackman

    Sol, you never saw Entenmann's corn muffins?

    Kathleen, forget Cliff's notes, I'll wait for the movie version!

    LOL, Jayne! Cat's Phee in a bottle :) Don't worry!


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