Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's that chicken again...

Our favorite homecooked dinner. It really doesn't get any better than this. Quick, easy and delicious! and my absolute favorite, lemon! Woodie's famous Chicken Piccata. I had previously posted about my daughter's English project with her friend to make dinner and film it for the class. But all you got to see was an empty plate and some dirty dishes! Here it is again. Last night's dinner. With extra sauce for the brown rice and the green beans!

Click here for the recipe!


  1. Carol - I have to make this recipe..it looks so good! Your green beans look so fresh - did you can them from last summer?

  2. Barb, the beans are from BJ's! They have really nice bags of fresh, cleaned and trimmed string beans. Easy as pie! I cheat :)

  3. Carol, it's past my bedtime and I'm starving. You're killing me with the very GREEN, green beans and chicken piccata.

    Your meal looks fantastic ... much better than the empty plate after Jodie's demo.

  4. The chicken looks definitely delicious.

  5. This does look like a wonderful meal. No BJ's in the midwest and no beans in our stores that look like that!

  6. That looks wonderful and so healthy. I'm going to jump to the link and grab that recipe!

  7. Looks great, Carol. Piccata is a favorite of mine too!

  8. Carol, looks so good! I have plans to make Woodie's piccata... I KNOW it's delicious!

  9. Oh gosh, how's a girl to deal with all this publicity! We had those same green beans tonight - only with a pork tenderloin. I cut mine in half because I'm cooking not only for us but also to supply my parents with food that is for their freezer and is easy to reheat and they like green beans cut in half, cooked to death, and buttered.

  10. Chicken piccata is one of our faves, too.....I don't often do brown rice even though it is Howard's favorite. He would be very happy eating brown rice and tuna every meal....yuck! I could eat green beans every day, though.

  11. Looks delish. I don't think I had enough for dinner. And somehow Subway just doesn't compare to your beautiful chicken!!

  12. Carol, there's another lovely dish I have yet to make, and it's certainly torturing me.

    I'm currently in the middle of apple butter making, bread baking and chit-chatting.

    And if I had a point, it would be that Woodieann's recipe will be next on my list.

  13. Hey, great minds! We had the picatta tonight. I love it! Had more extra sauce than I ever have before so served it with the chicken.

    Thanks Annie!!!

  14. Cindy, the extra sauce is great on rice and vegetables. Love it saucy!

    Sol, you certainly know how to keep busy! mmmm, apple butter and bread.

    LOL, Suzy, I do Subway plenty :)

    Marigene, we just started with the brown rice. I like it! but of course you know I cheated and used the boil in bag?

    Annie, I grew up on overcooked mushy vegetables. LOL, your famous, at least among whoever visits this blog!

    Cynthia, those beans always come out very green, no matter how much I over cook them!

    Kathleen, your piccata looks great on your blog! No capers for you too? I sometimes throw in green peppercorns if I don't forget.

    Thank you, Selba :)

    Jayne, it's such a great quick recipe, you'll love it! and with your Meyers!

    Marsha, no BJ's? Maybe Costco? and Trader Joe's also has nice string beans in bags, already trimmed nicely.

    Susan, it was wonderful, can't rave enough about how good and how easy to throw together.

    thanks, everyone!

  15. This one looks fantastic too. So do you always carry your camera around your kitchen? lol just kidding.


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